Say hello to pretty and gap-free teeth with Lingual Braces

Say hello to pretty and gap-free teeth with Lingual Braces


Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Does it prevent you from flaunting that pretty smile of yours?Misaligned teeth may be due to genetics, missing teeth, thumb sucking, dental restorations, gum disease, aging, injury and so on.

For many adults, the thought of braces can be off-putting. Being a small chubby kid with braces is totally different from wearing braces when you are an adult. In the past adults with braces were presented with only one choice - metal braces. We all remember those days of smiles filled with metallic luster.

The new orthodontic outbreak;

Want to get braces? but don't want to go for those typical train track ones or aligners? Worry not. “Lingual braces”, also known as invisible braces or incognito braces, are the word for you.

Braces with a twist;

Lingual braces are metal braces which are placed behind (by the tongue and palate) your teeth rather than in front. These are customized in such a way that it matches the shape of your teeth. The treatment will last anywhere between a simple period of 18-36 months. This, however, is strictly depended on the severity of the patients overcrowded teeth or their bite.

The Positives;

  • Gentle yet continuous pressure is applied on the teeth to help them shift slowly into position.
  • Its discrete nature attracts most of the patients to it.
  • For many adults, the traditional braces are a not a big yes. Many hesitate as they connect it with matters of social and self-esteem.
  • No more worrying about what color braces to wear.
  • Adaptability - If you play a wind instrument or a sport, lingual braces are more likely to blend with than traditional braces.

Looking from another angle;

Lingual braces may not be suitable for everyone.
(i) These may not work for children or anyone with small teeth. The teeth have to be long enough for the braces to get glued on to the inside of the teeth.
(ii) People with excessive bite problems cannot wear these.
Difficulties may arise due to the positioning of the linguals.
     (i) Your dentist will provide a special kind of wax that you can apply over any uncomfy wires or brackets. These will prevent any irritation on the lips, cheeks or tongue.

At LV Dental Square, best dental clinic in Bangalore, we understand the importance of finding a treatment which will help your smile be the best it can be. We are the leaders in treatment for invisible braces in India and thus excel in providing our patients with an excellent dental care with the highest ethical standards in a professional yet friendly environment.

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