Visited For Metal Braces Fixing

I had taken the orthodontic treatment ( metal braces for teeth alignment) by Dr. Sanjay at the Apollo White dental clinic, Whitefield. I was very satisfied with the overall experience and the way in which the entire process was handled by the doctor and the clinic. Firstly, the doctor gives a clear understanding of the problem and the suitable treatment. Once the treatment is finalized, you don't have to worry about it again, since the course of treatment is handled in a very organised manner. I promptly received calls for my monthly appointments, and even when I had any issue in between the appointments, it was addressed immediately. The doctor is very friendly and discusses the details of the treatment and the progress in every appointment. The cost is a little on the higher side, but the quality of treatment was very good. I had no problem from the start to end, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Sanjay to anyone wanting an orthodontic treatment.


Visited For Invisible/Clear Braces

I am extremely satisfied with my orthopedic treatment by Dr. Sanjay N. I went to him to get the braces applied and get my teeth in place and the kind of patience shown by the doctor during my treatment is commendable instead of removing my few teeth and getting over with the treatment early he waited for the teeth to come in place which took little longer and helped in getting my teeth in place without removing any of them. I would like to thank you Dr. Sanjay from my heart for the treatment. He is very friendly and explains the issue very well. I would recommend him to everyone.


Visited For Dentofacial OrthopedicsCeramic Braces Fixing

Very good doctor. He explains about the treatments and procedures very nicely and also made my daughter comfortable to take the treatment.


Visited For Teeth Straightening

Bhavya Singh

Visited For Teeth Straightening

With the very less no. of appointments that I had, Dr. Sanjay aligned my teeth perfectly. He has always exceeded my expectation and has been very polite always.


Visited For Orthodontic Treatment

A very warm and friendly approach. Makes the patient comfortable and explains the procedure in detail. Ambience is very pleasant. 1st part of treatment outcome is excellent. I would definetely recommend Dr.Sanjay for any dental treatment.

Visited for Dental Fillings, Dental X-Ray, Sensitive Teeth
Doctor Sanjay is one of the best Dentists I have visited; he and his assistants deal with his patients in a very professional and friendly way. His clinic is well equipped with all the necessities and is very neat and clean. He also makes an effort to explain the underlying issues and/or cause behind your disease or symptoms. I would totally recommend him for any dental issues.
Dr. Sanjay N .5, A 22/08/17 Thank you for your kind words sir.

Visited for Dental Braces
i had consultation with L V Dental square for my braces from the day one till today Dr Sanjay concern towards my treatment extremely good . i had suggested few of my friends they also v v happy with Dr Sanjay Patients and good caring with best suggestion . according to my work time L V dental schedule all the appointment i feel glad that i finally found v good hospital for my treatment.

Visited for Dental Implant Fixing, RCT - Root Canal Treatment
So Far the best doctor I've seen. Very professional, honest and trustworthy. Look no further, if you need to get anything done for your teeth.

Visited for Dental Braces
Friendly and efficient Doc who puts me at ease!
I wanted one orthodontist, Having moved around a lot in the last three years I have really put off going to the dentist and kept meaning to getting around to it, once I found about his place I felt apt
In terms of treatment From the onset I completely trusted his opinion and recommendations and he was patient with explaining all the details to me and fully informed about what's going on with my teeth, which helps me to feel better. Like everyone (probably) I have negative dentist memories so am undeniably nervous in going but this dentist was calming and good at his job - I've noticed such a difference with my teeth
Top notch from beginning to end, the Doc is super nice, friendly, informative and took care of my teeth with great care
Smile now :)

Consulted Dr.Sanjay for orthodontic treatment, he Is highly skilled and exactly knows what he does. Been very helpful and accomadative all the way. Provided apt solution based on the issue and does not lure treatment for money. Over and above very happy with the result.

Visited for Orthodontic Treatment, Orthodontic Procedures
The Apollo White Dental Clinic - Whitefield
My Treatment was under the observation of Dr. Sanjay Narayan Murty Er the way in which My Treatment was taken care of was really good. He is an expert in his field Er he is one of the most patient Er wise Doctors that I have met so far.
My Treatment began in 2015 & within 12-14 Months My Treatment was completed successfully Er the Results have just been amazing Er terrific. My Entire Teeth got aligned in a way that, I don't need to say anything about, as it has been Wonderful Er the Results have been exceedingly satisfactory.
Regards, Kunal Singh

I have been seeing Dr Sanjay for more than a year for my orthodontic treatment. I am really happy with the treatment and the way it progressed with time. I will definitely recommend Dr Sanjay to anyone as he is one of the best in his field.

Vikas Mishra

He is a very good dentist. He listens and understands your problem. My tooth crown was wrongly fitted after RCT at Parthaa dental clinic, because of which I was having a lot of pain. After the doctors at Partha dental clinic were unable to fix the problem, I visited Dr. Syed and he replaced my crown nicely. I am satisfied with Dr. Syed treatment.

Chi Lui Ben

I came to India for fortnight visit. In my last week I had trouble in my tooth which I had delayed for long. I approached Dental Life Smiles at HSR and am glad to have met Dr.Syed Ibrahim here. His approach to my treatment wherein I required root canal treatment, and crown. Must say am very happy with the fit and feel of the crown for now for sure and am trouble free of the long standing tooth issue. Will definitely recommend Dental Life Smiles with Dr. Syed and team for sure to everyone.


He was very gentle, and highly professional. Although I had a kid the staff was highly accommodative, which made my treatment more smoother. Dr. Syed makes you relaxed and definitely would recommend him to my family and friends.

Sridevi M

very friendly on time appointment but week day appointment is good but morning good time sujatha akka is very good and friendly woman

Elvin fernandes

Loved the detailed explanation s for each procedure. This is something lacking elsewhere. overall a very good experience.

Malavika R.

Kalyan Gudladana

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